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GDA Lending has a few key competitive advantages for our clients that set us apart from our competitors: 

What is the GDA Group

GDA Group is a capital markets and investment organization focused on disruptive technology and is the holding organization behind GDA Lending.

Here for your business needs

GDA Lending is connected to institutional lending organizations that can assist borrowers. Our significant experience with digital assets allows us to confidently execute on your lending needs.  

$2 Billion+

in digital asset transactions

How GDA Lending works

Getting an account set up with GDA Lending is simple. After you provide us with our due diligence requirements, you can expect to hear from us within 48 hours to see if you qualify. GDA Lending then secures your financing and allows your team to focus on what you do best.

Digital Assets Lending Offerings

You can apply for a loan online

Within a few short minutes, you can complete the online loan application. The questions help us assign the right account manager to your file and understand if you are in a situation we can help with.

We review your application

GDA Lending reviews your application and gets the process started to activate your profile. You’ll hear from us within 48 hours after completing your application.

Your account gets funded

Upon receiving your offer, you can accept instantly and your account will be funded. You will then have the option to withdraw and use the funds under the designated term.

Looking to get started?

Start your application today. We recommend getting your application approved before the need arises so that when the time comes, you are prepared.